Alexa Rene’ Rivera

teacher/ founder/ weaver

studio member of the Hive on Pine in the South End of Burlington, VT


Mission:  Basket weaving is a tradition as old as human history, & a craft that has been practiced by nearly every ancient culture across the globe. People have used baskets for harvesting food from their gardens, farms, and woods, for gathering tools from their good earth, for foraging herbal medicines,  and for the simple yet powerful ritual of collection. The study of baskets is an important study of vessel, of human, of geography and of intuition. It is about the vines, grasses, and barks peoples have lived within and woven from, it is abut what these baskets are carrying, it is about the weavers. Basket weaving is a way to connect with our ancestral lineage. It is an allowance to sit together and tell the stories of our people, and weave these lessons into sacred container. It is about abundance. It is about the meditation of over-under-over-under. It is an art both beautiful and utilitarian, both highly skilled and inspiringly free-form. This is a commitment to making slow, to the honoring of process, to the finger-aching visceral joy of the labor of love, to the beloved handmade- to the beloved hands, to the rightful gratification of did it my damn-self.

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